About Cloud

Cloud is an electric scooter rideshare business. But more than that, it’s a research and development company exploring the future of transport. Cloud values innovation, simplicity, freedom, sustainability and safety.

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Be safe, look after yourself and others and wear a helmet

Always be aware of surrounding traffic, cars are your biggest risk. No headphones - listen to what's around you. Don’t ride if you’ve been drinking alcohol

Please always, we mean always ride on the road, don't be that person

No riding on sidewalks unless local law requires. We’re all in this together, so let’s be good neighbors and look out for one another

Be cautious of your surroundings and never park in a driveway

Park out of the public right of way — keeping walkways, driveways, access ramps, and fire hydrants clear. Avoid uneven surfaces like grass, gravel, rocks, or inclines

Ride the Future

The app is free to download, so no stopping you now! It will let you know of the nearest location of a scooter and allow you to book it in advance, ring it to hear it or report a problem. Once you have found your ride, step onto the future and enjoy your journey. Be safe and respect others, end your ride and go about your day.

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